Here are some tutorials for Neophytes to get started.

22 April 2018

Animating A Model In Blender Using Riggify And MakeWAlk

When messing up with Game Development people would usually stuck on getting animations for their models. This tutorial completely focus on animating 3D model easily without stressing your nerves.

28 April 2018

Creating a 2D game "Mario" in Coppercube

Most of the coppercube developers and newbies find
it difficult to create 2D games using this 3D
engine. In this tutorial we are going to create a clone of the Classic Mario game level without programming a single line of code.

16 May 2018

Creating an Andoid app "Relax Melodies Clone" in Coppercube

In this tutorial we will be going to create a simple yet satisfying clone of the Relax Melodies app. It is an app which contains relaxing sound fx and music.

11 June 2018

Use of physics in Coppercube

In this tutorial we will be going to use physics simulation in Coppercube 3D game engine to create a simple bowling game.

21 September 2018

Creating a Screensaver for Windows using Coppercube

In this tutorial we will be going to learn, How to create a screensaver for windows using Coppercube 3D game engine.

13 November 2018

GTA VC models and animations Ripping and cloning

In this tutorial we are going to rip models,textures and animations from the original GTA Vice City game and then converting them to Coppercube compatible file format to clone or mimic the original game.

08 August 2020

Exporting embedded textures from 3D models using Blender

You bought a Cool 3D model for your project and imported it to your Game Engine, but the textures aren't showing up because your game engine doesn't support embedded textures,then this tutorial will teach you how you can export embedded textures as seperated files using third party tools.


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