Spritesheet Animation

A CopperCube  extension that allows you to use 2D Spritesheets in your app or game. This is best suited for 2D games and works with all sprite sheets that can be cut on the basis of rows and columns.
This shader action will allow you to use a single image for your character or object and will allow you to animate the character using the sprites from that single image, just like any other sprite sheet animation system.

For detailed info visit the itch.io page of the extension or watch the video tutorial. You can purchase the extension from itch.io by   clicking the Buy Now button in the widget below.


Ability to change the animation speed during runtime.


Ability to change starting frame in game.


Ability to change ending frame in game.

  $8.00 USD

  Attach this action to any behavior and fill the parameters, Select the Affecting_node (the node on which
  the sprite sheet texture is applied), Set the base_material_type, and a number of rows and columns
  according to the sprite sheet. For example, if your sprite sheet has 12 columns and 8 rows, fill them in
  the rows and columns field, specify the AnimationTime( it is the time one frame takes to switch to another
  frame ) then specify the StartFrame and EndFrame for your animation, it is the number of tiles (sprite)
  through which you want the animation to get started and the number(index) of the sprite at which you
  want the animation to end.

  You can also use some Coppercube variables to control the extension settings during the gameplay. You
  can use Coppercube variables to set startframe and endframe and animationtime (speed). To use the CC
  variables, simply use the inbuilt set or change a variable action and then use the variable name that will
  be in this format.

 -   nodename.startframe
 -   nodename.endframe
 -   nodename.animationtime

  Here nodename is the name of the node to which the sprite sheet texture is applied (affecting node
  supplied in the action parameter).

  That's all hope you guys find this extension helpful. 

  This extension will work with those sprites that can be cropped on the basis of rows and columns.
  If your sprite is stucked on the first-frame and you are using CC and your game on integrated graphics
  then you need to use a dedicated graphic card for the extension to work properly.

Spritesheet animation shader usage video


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