Dissolve effect Shader

A Coppercube shader action that allows you to Dissolve-in or Dissolve-out any 3D object in CC. The shader uses an alpha (noise) map to get the desired effect. Provides a few properties to control the shader. Like edge color, edge width, animation speed, and execution of action when the animation is complete. 

Check the accordion below to see the usage info or watch the video below.

Edge Color

Allow you to specify a color for the edges.

Edge Width

Allow you to control the width-size of the edge.

 Animation Speed

You can specify the animation speed to control animation.

  Attach this action to a behavior and fill the parameters, Select the Affecting_node (the node on you want
  to get affected by this shader), Set the base_material_type. Then fill all other properties like "Dissolve_In"
  if you want Dissolve-in check this true, for Dissolve-out effect mark this property false. Supply the
  Animation_speed, Edge Color and Edge Radius. You can also supply an action that will get executed
  when the animation gets Completed. Then Supply a second texture as an Alpha map for the
  shader to use with the help of "Irredit/Irrlicht" tools. If you want to enable the Dissolve in effect then don't
  forget to supply a third texture as well, that will be then used as main texture once the Dissolution gets 
  started. For more usage instruction visit my YouTube Channel and watch the video there. 

Pxelated effect shader usage video

This extension/plugin is free to download. If you want you can support my work using the buy me a coffee button up there.


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