Point light shader action

A Coppecube shader action to convert any specified node into a point light with bunch of lighting options.
Check the accordion below to see the usage info or watch the video below.

Diffuse lighting

Ability to change diffuse lighting color and light attenuation.

Ambient lighting

Ability to change ambient lighting color.

 Specular lighting

Ability to change specular texture, specularity strength, and specular color.

   Attach this action to a behavior event and then specify a scenenode in "Light_source" which will act as
   point light, specify an "Affecting_node" which will get affected by the light created using this shader.
   Specify additional light properties like light color, diffuse color, ambient color, specular color and
   specular texture if specular lighting is turned on. You can adjust the strength of light and specularity using
   the provided parameters.

   Check if you want to affect all the materials of the "Affecting node" or you can uncheck it and can specify
   specific material index (for example zero "1" if you want to affect first material of the node only). You can
   also specify a "Base_material_type" to blend the shader with other material type for exmaple (12 if you
   want to use tranparent_add as base material type). Not all the materials blend with the shader, only a few
   can be blended with shaders. specular texture can be provided either by going into irredit/irrlicht
   properties and by adding a specular texture in the 2nd texture slot of the material, or you can specify an
   external texture name which resides in the same directory as of your project. If no specular texture is
   defined then the shader will automatically use the first texture as specular map.

   Debugging window of the game/app can throw an error failed to load a texture if specular lighting is
   OFF (it is not a error or bug neither it affect the game) this is used to turn ON/OFF Specular lighting.
   You can ignore the error in debugging window.

Point light and spot light shader usage video

This extension/plugin is free to download. If you want you can support my work using the buy me a coffee button up there.


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