Custom light shader action v3.0

This is a Coppercube shader extension that will enhance the lighting and material quality of your CopperCube objects. Below are the features this shader action provides you.

Support for Normal Maps
Support for Specular Maps
Support for Ambient Occlusion Maps
Controllable Normal Map strength
Controllable Specular gloss
Controllable Specular strength

visit the purchase page for more information.

Individual light color & intensity

Ability to supply individual lights their own color and intensity.

Ambient Occlusion

Supports Ambient Occlusion maps.

Auto capture light data

Automatically capture light data from all the light nodes in the scene..

  $20.00 USD

  For any questions or bug reports and for a discount you can contact me on my Discord server.
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View in Action

Custom Light Shader v3.0

Point light v2.0 shader usage video

Point light v1.0 and spot light shader usage video

This extension/plugin is free to download. If you want you can support my work using the buy me a coffee button up there.


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