Editable text overlay behavior

A great Coppercube behavior that makes any 2D overlay editable during runtime and allows the user to type in text in the 2D overlay. Comes with lot of methods and options to configure the input. Check the accordion below for full detailed usage.

   Just attach this behavior to a 2D overlay to make that overlay editable. You can also store the text as a
   value for the variable specified inside the behavior property. you can change the default text cursor "|" 
   to a custom text inside the behavior. Use mouse left click during gameplay to toggle editing ON or OFF. 
   Use special variable "#edit.nodeName" with value "true" or "false", here nodeName is the name of the
   overlay you want to edit. This variable can be used with when a key is pressed to do something behavior
   to make the overlay editable.

   Additionally, you can choose the option if you want the box to be editable by default when the game
   starts and doesn't require clicking on the overlay to edit, however if edit only once is not selected then
   you can edit it multiple times. You can also choose the option if you want the overlay to be editable only
   once or can be edited multiple times by simply checking and unchecking "EditOnlyOnce" button. If you
   have opted for editing the overlay once and still want to edit the overlay then you can always use the
   variable "#edit.nodeName" with a value of "true" to make the overlay editable again.

   You can also save the text into a variable and can access it by defining the variable name in the behavior
   properties. You can also select an option if you want to make the overlay editable only when you trigger
   the variable "#edit.nodeName" to "true". 

    Caps-Lock functionality has been added.
    Shift key can be used to toggle between uppercase and lowercase while Caps-Lock is ON.
    Caret (Text Pointer) functionality has been improved Caret can be used as real caret use arrow keys to
    move caret left and right.

This extension/plugin is free to download. If you want you can support my work using the buy me a coffee button up there.


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