Animates External Textures

A Coppercube behavior that allows to load and animate external textures also allows to execute actions at different situations like Action_onLoad, Action_onFinish they will execute the action once the textures are loaded into the memory or if the animation cycle gets completed.
Check the accordion below to see the usage info or watch the video below.


You can choose whether you want to loop the animation or not.

Action on load

Allows you to execute an action once all the textures get loaded into memory .

Action on finish

Allows you to execute an action after one complete animation cycle.

  Attach this behavior to any node and fill in the parameters, select the affecitng node, and affecting
  material, choose if you want to play animation on all the material or to specific one.
  Provide the name of the directory or complete adress to the directory that holds the textures(frames),
  Provide the name of the texture (frame). Provide the total number of frames you want to
  use for the animation. Provide the time to change each frame ( this is the parameter which decides the
  speed of the animation), Choose if you want the animation to played once or to loop.
  Check if you want to load all the textures initially into the memory and animates them only after being
  loaded completely. Provide an action to execute once all the textures gets loaded into memory.
  Provide action to execute if the animation cycle gets completed, as soon as 1 cycle of the animation gets
  played it will execute the action assigned to it.

  - Note:- All the frames(textures) should use same name with an increment of number like
    "frame1.png","frame2.png" and so on.
    It is advised to use no-looping when you are executing an action on finish otherwise it will execute the
    action each time the animation cycle gets completed. 

Animates external texture behavior usage video

This extension/plugin is free to download. If you want you can support my work using the buy me a coffee button up there.


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