Third person camera and player controller

A super advanced Coppercube camera behavior for third person player and camera controls, featuring things like collision detection, material specific footstep sounds, customizable keys and sensitivity (at run time), shoulder view and many more.
For usage and other info refer to the accordion below.

Note:- This is a third party extension, we don't provide full support for third party extensions. Please refer to the author details below for any questions and queries.


Create a simple camera and attach "SM Thirdperson Controller" to it, then attach the built-in "First Person Shooter style controlled" and set the "MoveSpeed", "RotateSpeed" and "JumpSpeed" to 0. Make sure "SM Thirdperson Controller" is above the FPS style controlled in the action manager.
Now set the player node and change any settings that you want in the behavior "SM Thirdperson Controller", That's it!


- Change the sensitivity at runtime using smTPCAMERA.Sensitivity (js) or by setting the value of "Sensitivity" using "Set or change a Variable" action.
- The shoulder view is a bit buggy as of right now. You have to use a more aggressive angleClamp value if you're going to use it.


Link to original thread of this behavior of Ambiera forums:-
SM Third Person Camera Controller

Author Details


Above extension is provided by SMN MHMDY, you can contact him on below provided email or join his Discord server.


This extension/plugin is free to download. If you want you can support my work using the buy me a coffee button up there.


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