Rotate towards object v1.2

A CopperCube action that allows you to rotate any 3D object in the the direction of another object, Can be paired with every few seconds do something behavior to make an object always face the direction of another object. You can also adjust the additional rotation if your object is facing in the wrong direction.

v1.2:- Rotation is smooth (animates).
Rotation can be stopped with variable "Player.rotatetowardstarget"
here player is the name of the scenenode.
Option to rotate towards the target only once.

Author:- Vazahat aka just_in_case

Look towards object

It also rotates the player in the direction of a target object but allows vertical rotation as well. You can use the one which best suits and works for you either the one on right "Rotate towards object" or this one.

Author:-  JaimeZegpi

This extension/plugin is free to download. If you want you can support my work using the buy me a coffee button up there.


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